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"For the world's judgement-I wash my hands thereof. For man's opinion-I defy it." ~ Mr. Rochester, Jane Eyre

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Charlotte Bronte's character of the strange owner of Thornfield was full of sharp contrasts. Though moody and self-centered, he also had a heart full of true love and a hope of true happiness. The unfortunate thing was that al of his misery came to him through his own actions. That is what makes him stand out as a real person. We all suffer from our own choices and the bad choices of others.
Many actors have played the role of Edward Fairfax Rochester. Orson Welles added the touch of possessed eyes to his Rochester, and kept him on the harsher side. Ciaran Hinds kept Rochester to his harsher more moody side. Meanwhile, William Hurt played up the melancholy, depressed side to Edward, in the 1996 movie version. Anthony Crivello renders our heart strings when he sings "Farewell, Good Angel" in the new musical version.

William Hurt as Rochester

"I hated the sunsets of whatever color, I hated it's beaty and it's magic and the secret I would never know. I hated it's indifference and the cruelty which was a part of it's loveliness. Above all, I hated her. For she belonged to the magic and the loveliness. She had left me thirsty, and all my life would be thirst and longing for what I had lost before I found it." - Rochester, Wide Sargrasso Sea

A Short Biography of Edward Fairfax Rochester

Edward grew up in a wealthy family. Besides being wealthy, they were also greedy. His Father could not bear to divide the property of Thornfield between him and his brother, yet, he also could not bear that his youngest son be poor. So he and his oldest son, Rowland, decided to marry Edward off well. They find a rich girl, Antoinette Bertha Mason, who was not with out her troubles. Edward, being foolish and young, and without another choice, marries Antoinette. After four years, Edward figures out that his wife is insane. A bit after that he takes her out of her home in the West Indies and to England and Thornfield. He then roams around Europe and spends some time with mistresses, the most notable being Celine Varrens.

Joan Fontiane as Jane and Orson 
Welles As Rochester

Anthony Crivello as
Edward Fairfax Rochester After fooling around with mistresses, Edward comes back to Thornfield with no hope of ever finding love. As he arrives at Thornfield, his horse is startled by a strange young girl who is in the road. This being the governess of his ward, Jane Eyre. he takes interest in Jane, but dares not to show it. After a few weeks Jane and Edward become the best of friends. Jane starts to be more of herself in his presence and both can feel a growing love for each other. To make Jane jealous, Edward consorts with Blanche Ingram, a prideful, but beautiful woman. After Blanche shuns him because she has been told that he is a pauper, not a prince, Edward proposes to Jane. He does not seem to care that his first wife is upstairs in the very same house. The wedding runs smoothly until Richard Mason, Antoinette's brother, comes and reveals that his sister is married to Edward. Jane, being the sensible thing that she is, runs off in the middle of the night. Edward turns into a raging maniac, and searches everywhere for his Jane. Two months after Jane runs away, Antoinette decides to burn the house down. Edward gets out alive, but not without injuries. (Which is pretty amazing considering how large Thornfield is and the fact that they did not have smoke detectors back then. :o) Antoinette dies by throwing herself on the ground below, while Edward loses his sight, his hand, and has a limp that will stay with him forever. He ends up in disappear, and one eve, he calls out "Jane! Jane! Jane!" Somehow, she is able to hear him. She replies, "Where are you? I am coming!" A few days later, Jane shows up at his doorstep. They embrace, exchange words, and marry. Two years later he regains his sight in one eye, and is able to see his first child as the child was put in his arms.

Edward Rochester Speaks

Here are some wav files linked off of The Anthony Crivello Appreciation Page. I would have downloaded them and uploaded them to this server, but I do not have the space or the paitence. These will take some time to download. Of course, there are more sounds on her own page. This is just a small taste. All of them are from the musical.

  • Secret Soul -- The line is sung by Jane(Marla Schaffel) and Rochester(Anthony Crivello). "Her life has infected every wound and every pore...." (345 KB)
  • The Gypsy -- This line is just sung by Rochester, while in drag. "There's someone you long for but do not declare...." (351 KB)
  • Brave Enough For Love -- This line is sung by Rochester. Not to mention, it is my favorite song of the musical."There is no more to hide...." (453 KB) This reminds me, if anyone can get me the wav of the whole entire cast singing "Brave Enough For Love", both veres where the whole cast sings, I would be eternally greatful.

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