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Rain Greetings, everyone. This site is dedicated to Joan Kirk, who is an angel on earth. Her wonderful Angel drawings can be viewed at Angelic Artistry. The drawling to the left is a drawling by her, and it is copyrighted to the Angelic Artistry, do not use that graphic with out permission. Unfortantly, Joan is going through a tough time right now; she is fighting a battle against cancer. If you are a religious person, pray for such a wonderful artist; if you are not a religious person, please send her get well wishes. The world should not lose such a wonderful artist.

Angel Girls
Angel with an Apple Since the idea of God and spirituality was very prominent in the Victorian way of life, Angels were also very important. In many instances Victorian Literature gives remarks that seem supernatural and Angelic. Such as the time in Jane Eyre, where Jane hears “My Daughter, flee temptation,” from unknown voice. Such sayings could be the work of the angel. Angelic spirits were often placed in literature from the Victorian Era. Joe, in a sense, is Pip’s guardian Angel in Great Expectations. Anyway, Angels are to be admired from all time periods.
Two Angels

Do you know someone who you think is an Angel? Or someone who needs a touch of Angelic care? Then send a card to someone that needs or deserves it. Send and Angelic Message!

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Angelic Messages on High was created so that you can send a card to your friend or loved one that deserves an Angel's touch, or you can send a card for an Angel that has touched your heart.

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