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Kermit's 3 Piece Suit Award
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This part of my page came from my old homepage, badly titled "Andie's Home Page." I couldn't bear to part with Kermit, so the award stayed. This award is given by Kermit the Frog to web sites that have a professional look to them. Some of the things that kermit looks for:

  • Background looks good with the text
  • Good quality graphics
  • Not an excess amount of typos (We all make a few here and there, but the page shouldn't be full of them.)
  • Good Quality Content
  • Good enough that Kermit would return again

    And of course it must look professional.

    Please send nominations to


    Week of 8/30/99

    Michele Pawk Online -- Michele Pawk is a talented actress, who I recently saw in the role of Frl. Kost in Cabaret. This site is devoted to her work in the theater, and it has a nice layout, and plenty of information

    Summer of 1999 Awarding Event

  • The Lion King Pride -- A page devoted to all aspects of Disney's wonderful movie. The graphics are outstanding, and the design superb. Lyn, the webmistress, even created the TLK Alliance, a group for people with Lion King websites to join.
  • The Barricade of Revultion -- Formally known as The Barricade of Ponnie Enjolras, this website is one person's crazy shrine devoted to the things she loves most. Les Miserables and Anthony Warlow. The site has good content, and I can tell that it was made with love.
  • The Anne of Green Gables Webpage -- A well made site devoted to the movies of LM Montgomry's charming books. A must for any Avonlea fan to see.
  • Stella and Ruby's Page -- I'll admit it. I am a sucker for cute children. Espically cute children whose mother has a good sense of design. Stella and Ruby are two little children whose mother has made a small shrine for them on the internet.
  • The Best of Shakespeare in Love -- When Shakespeare in Love came out last winter, I rushed to the theater to see it. What better for a Shakespearean groupie than a movie about the Bard himself? I fell in love with the movie, and ended up seeing it in the theater four times. (Eat your hearts out Titanic junkies!) This site is the best site for Shakespeare in Love, and has all sorts of information about it, including information about cast members, awards the movie has won, and quotes from the movie itself.
    Other Pages that Have Won:

    Week of 8/9/98

    Titanic - From True Love To Tragedy -- Out of all the thousands of pages on the net devoted to the new movie about the fatal night in 1912, this one has to be the best. Amy's page covers everything from the normal, such as a picture page, to the funny, such as the "Say What?" game, to the strange realms of fiction, such as Titanic Role Playing and fan-fiction. Not to mention, she plays the hard to find "Steerage" music on the main page(Sometimes) .

    Week of 7/19/98

    The Anthony Crivello Appreciation Page! -- This page is devoted to the wonderful actor who orginated the role of Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre. Not only that, he has played Javert in Les Miserables and many other roles. (But to this Jane Eyre junkie, none as imporant as Mr. Rochester. :o) Besides that, the page is well made. Michelle has mastered the art of using frames that actually add and not detract from the content. It is also technically adept.

    Week of 5/31/98

    Shara's Page for Kids on Broadway -- This page had a wonderful layout and design, as well as good content. Unfortantly, it does not exist anymore.

    Week of 1/1/98

    The Thénardier Inn -- This was a web page celebrating the best of the Les Miserables characters, the Thenardiers. Unfortantly, because of unkown reasons, supposedly copyright, the page was taken down and the webmaster has not made another page since.

    Week of 12/28/97
    Peter's Web Site (The second) -- Another website that has suddenly disapeared. It was awarded for it's excelent technical aspects.

    Week of 12/21/97
    La Javert's Flying Homepage -- A wonderful fan page devoted to the musical and book, Les Miserables. There is fan-fic, a chat room, and various other interesting stuff. Really cute.

    Week of 12/1/97
    HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical -- A good site about the musical Hair, which has left cyberspace.

    Week of 11/9/97
    Angelic Artistry the site for angels, archang... -- A beautiful site by Joan Kirk, with the best pictures of Angels on the net.

    Week of 11/3/97
    SOCKS THE CAT FAN CLUB! Check out what is going on with the first cat! Four More years, nine more lives!

    If you want, you may