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I am sure that every single page has one of these sections, and this one will not prove to be different than the rest of them. There are links to Jane Eyre related sites and Victorian related sites as well as things that interest me.

Jane Eyre

  • The Anthony Crivello Appreciation Page -- This site has information, pictures, and even sound bites of the man who played Mr. Rochester in the new musical version of Jane Eyre. A wonderfully made site by Michelle.
  • Joan Fontaine Pictorial Tribute -- This site is devoted to Joan Fontiane who played Jane Eyre in the 1944 movie version of Jane Eyre. There is also pictures from her other movies, such as Rebecca, and is well made.
  • The Unofficial Anna Paquin Homepage -- Anna Paquin is the talented young actress who played the role of young Jane in the 1996 movie version of Jane Eyre. Here is a site devoted to her and has pictures as well as other things.
  • The Official Unofficial Charlotte Gainsbourg Page -- This page has a bunch of pictures and some information on Charlotte Gainsbourg who played the role of Jane in the 1996 movie version of Jane Eyre.
  • JANE EYRE: A New Musical -- This page is one of the better Jane Eyre pages that is devoted to the musical. It has all the information that you could need on the new musical.
  • A&E's Page on Jane Eyre -- This has information, interviews, and pictures of the A+E version of Jane Eyre.
  • B. P.'s Jane Eyre Page -- Not too shabby and it has some useful information on the musical. It also links to information about other musicals.
  • Jane Eyre -- Yet another page devoted to the musical. It has a lot of quotes from the show.
  • Timothy Dalton's Offical Homepage -- Dalton played Rochester in the BBC version of Jane Eyre.
  • Jane Eyre -- A page that includes someone's thoughts on the bok, the movie, and the musical.
  • Jane Eyre: The musical, novel and musical -- Nora's beautiful Jane Eyre site. It is one of the best Jane Eyre related websites on the web. I would really recommend visiting it if you want information on the preformance aspects of Jane Eyre.
  • Victoria Turvey's Jane Eyre Page -- Another wonderful site. It is right up there with Nora's as one of the best sites about Jane Eyre. She has a mailing list that actually talks about Jane Eyre, while the other one is near silent. This site is very good because it looks closely at Charlotte Bronte and the literature aspects of Jane Eyre.

    Victorian Links

  • The Phantom's Time -- A site that is devoted to the Phantom of the Opera, as well as the time period in which it takes place. There is a good amount of information about the Victorian Era as well as information on the show and novel.
  • Vintage Victoriana -- This site has a wealth of information about the Victorian Time period, including information about art and fashion.
  • Victorian Essensce -- A page of Victorian clip art and backgrounds. Perfect for someone who wants to make a Victorian web site.
  • Laurie's Victoriana Place -- A site with historical publications and Victorian greeting cards.
  • Wendy's Victorian graphics -- A site with Victorian backgrounds.
  • Shashy's Victorian Collection -- A very well-planed site with information on some unusual topics, such as funerals.
  • The Victorian Web -- The best, most researched Victorian website there is.
  • Anthea's Everything Victorian -- A beautiful website with information on Queen Victoria, and other Victorian things.
  • Bitsy's Kitchen -- A site full of Victorian recipes.
  • The Victorian Literature Website: Everything Victorian A nicely made website that gives some general information about Victorian literature and the time period. There are some wonderful Victorian images located under "Victorian Style," and it even has a handy currency chart(for those of us who do not live in England, and cannot tell the difference between a shilling and a pound).
    That is it for links, if you want you may